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Hey, I'm Navaz Alani.

Mathematics Undergrad@UWaterloo
Programmer, Problem Solver & Pursuer of Knowledge

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More about me

I have always had an interest in Mathematics that ripened around the last two years of high school. This led me to matriculate as an undergraduate in the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Waterloo.
It was as an undergraduate that I was first exposed to the realm of Computer Science, which I was immediately seduced by. I started exploring on my own by working on small Python projects.
At my first job, I was exposed to frontend and backend web development and I learnt how to write webservers, design APIs and construct frontends over these backend services.
After experimenting more, I realised a deeper interest in backend development (writing servers, designing APIs etc.). I still do frontend projects to keep up with the rate at which new technologies are being developed.
Of late, I have gained an interest in networking and how the internet works. I continue to chase my curiosity, excited to see where it takes me next...


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