Arch/Artix Linux Base Installation

The following post goes over performing an unencrypted base installation of Arch/Artix Linux (on bare-metal/virtual machine).

Navaz Alani

Last updated on 29 July, 2022 at 15:20 hrs.

Prepare Installation Media

Setup Internet Connection

Partition Disk

Install the System

Important: make sure that there are no duplicate entries in the /mnt/etc/fstab (file-system table) file (the fstab file specifies how the partitions should be mounted)

chroot Into the System & Set Up

Configure User

Next Steps…

The system, though bare-bores, is functional; after users log in, they have a TTY. The next step is setting up a graphical environment, which can be done in one of two ways: (1) is to install a desktop environment (DE), which provides, out-of-the-box, a graphical environment as well as a suite of (possibly custom) applications to manage the system. The second way (2) is to install a display server (e.g. xorg-server), then a window manager (e.g. dwm), followed by every application/tool that the user will require. While the latter is more involved, it provides much more control over the system; it is what will be covered next.